Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Uncle Paul is So Cool!!

... he rides a motorcycle!!
Last weekend we got to go watch "Uncle Paul" (Jared's brother) race in a motocross event. It was an endurance race on a 6-mile track, so we only got to see Paul come around a handful of times. But that was enough for the boys! They were thrilled to be able to witness Uncle Paul in all his coolness!

 Paul - in black - passes by us, heading for a big curve on lap # 2.
"All done!" Paul circles around off the track & comes to greet his fan club!

 Uncle Paul with his biggest fan ... Jonah!
Jonah really wanted to put on that helmet - but changed his mind when he saw the mud splatters all over the front & sides :)
Paul said a really cool thing, too. He thanked the boys for coming to watch him & said that whenever he'd come around the track & see the boys cheering for him, it made him want to do better & keep going (even though he was getting tired)! Awesome!

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