Friday, September 25, 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane ... it's the Re/Max balloon!

Our realtor (yes, Re/Max!) told us about this cool event.
Merrik & Jonah got a front row seat watching them set up & fill the balloon.

Going up!

Ta Da!

There she goes!

Ma & Pa Burton Visit! YAY!

Jonah, Alli & Merrik w/ our bounty of apples!
Grandma Burton & The Boys!
Filling that bag took about 10 minutes flat.

My Daddy & Mommy!
(& Jonah sneakin' in at the bottom)
Thanks for coming to visit!!! I love you!

Jonah, Dad & Merrik - chillin' on the couch.

And here's our lil' family w/ Mom & Dad's dog, Dexter.
Ain't he cute?!?

Soccer Star!!

Jonah's first soccer game! (is it me? or does he look about 12 in this pic?)
I forgot the camera for the actual game but managed to take these shots in our front yard.

More action photos to come, when I can remember to bring the camera to the game!...

Merrik Starts PreSchool!!

Merrik was SO excited to finally be going to school "just like Jonah!"
And this is the view I got when I said to show me his cool backpack. :)

SixFlags New England!!

Jonah, Scoob & Merrik
Some action photos - Jonah (top) & Merrik - wweeeeee!

This car ride is hilarious to watch.
When the boys whip around the corners, their faces are priceless.

The camera caught the moment just as the roller coaster was taking off!
Hold on tight, boys!!


The local superheros - take their job very seriously!
Jonah does too! We spent 1/2 the day looking for Batman & Robin.

Merrik & Jonah taking a cruise on the Wiggle's Big Red Car!


At the bus stop - SOOO excited!
So we got a nice & sunny, albeit COOL day to start off the year.
Seemed like every other day of preschool was rain, rain, rain. So we're happy!
And look ... here comes the bus!