Friday, June 3, 2011

Local Tornado Damage

The storm clouds as seen thru our front door windows. (above photo)

And 30 minutes later, clouds were gone. (above)

Two tornadoes, virtually unseen in this part of the country, came roaring thru our neighborhood on the evening of Wednesday, June 1, 2011. The next morning we drove thru town taking photos of some of the damage.
Downed power lines along Route 15/Haynes Road, which parallels I-84 near our home.

Trees along I-84.
The above photo is looking west across I-84 at the path of the tornado coming over the hill past Old Sturbridge Village. If you click on this photo, it will enlarge to show greater detail. Notice splintered tree tunks left without tops & leaves.

Highway sign on 84 to Exit 2 (our exit) blown over by tornado.

More splintered trees along 84.

Downed trees on Fiske Hill Road - a neighborhood just a mile or so east of I-84.

Click on this photo to zoom in - this tree took the grass with it as its roots emerged.

This tornado, (followed by a second one an hour later) was on the ground for 45 minute as it tore its way thru 19 communities. Miraculously there were only 4 casualties. Our hearts & prayers go out to the families of those 4 individuals from West Springfield, Springfield & Brimfield, as well as those displaced by lost homes & property damage. May God bless them all.