Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WiNtEr WoNdErLaNd!

Outside our dining room window.
Massachusetts takes their snow plowing VERY seriously!

"Look, we made Frosty!!"

Only December 9th & we've had 2 or 3 measurable snowfalls.
It's gonna be a long winter.

The view on our drive thru Sturbridge on our way to church.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

~ We are thankful for family!!! ~
This year we had dinner at Jared's grandparents, Grammy & Grampa Williams' place. YUM!
Back row: Jared, Alli, Auntie Pam, cousin Mindy, Paul & Michelle
Front row: Grampa Pooh, Merrik, Grammy & Jonah
So cute... Merrik was play Rock-Paper-Scissors with Uncle Kenny, who left before our group photo.
OK, now question: Anyone call it "Roe-Sham-Boe"? Jared made fun of me for saying that! LOL.

Merrik at our table with his turkey centerpiece, which he made at library class.
It was the hit of the evening! :)

Merrik (3&2/3) with Daddy (Jared).

Side Note: Jared recently recovered a photo from his childhood from when he was the same age as Merrik and they look EXACTLY the same! Same hair and everything. It is one of Jared's newest treasures. It's so adorable.

My Boys! Merrik, Jared & Jonah (5&3/4).

Our family snapshot!
I try to take a family pic. each year at Thanksgiving.
Don't know why this one turned out so fuzzy, but nevertheless, it's US!

Gingerbread House Demolition

From this ...
... to this ...

... then this.

Oh well. It was a nice gingerbread house while it lasted.
This is the first year it's actually been attacked and eaten!! :)
Guess we know what to expect for the future of holiday gingerbread creations.

Gingerbread House Construction

It begins!
When I realized Jonah was the only one working on the house, I looked around for Merrik & found him happily camped out under the table, eating the gingerbread man & tree. LOL! :)

Jonah is very particular. And has great focus. :) He stuck with it to the very end, whereas Merrik lost interest when he realized he could be eating it instead.


The boys & their creation! So proud!
I have to mention here that, for the first time, I let them decorate it all by themselves! (I was the icing master, however.) In past years, I've been way too concerned w/ it looking just like the perfectly decorated house on the box. (so sad, I know) ...with the candies placed just so and evenly dispersed, and all that. But I just let them do it all & it turned out so cute! :)