Thursday, March 17, 2011

Family snapshots!!

... just to capture the moment for all of us! Jonah's birthday!!
How can my lil' guy be 7?!?

In the spirit of Jonah's recent 7th (!!!) birthday, this is a pic from his FIRST birthday! Aww...

... then and now. Wow, seems like a blink & we were just back up there celebrating his 1st bday.
(here he's holding the keys to his 'police handcuffs' which he got for his bday) :)

A Helping Hand at Old Sturbridge Village

Jonah's feeding the sheep!
Last time I went to OSV, it was just Merrik & me. But this time I got to spend some one-on-one time w/ Jonah. These moments don't happen too often - usually it's the other way around (just Merrik & me) since Jonah is the one is school all day, every day. But one recent Saturday, M wasn't feeling well so he stayed home w/ Jared (who had to do some work from home) & Jonah & I ventured to OSV to get some energy out & explore.

The 'farmers' that work there are so good to us. They see Jonah coming & they know he is a hands-on kid! They usually offer to let him help and he is always more than willing to oblige.

... just one of the guys!! Walking the walk at OSV w/ 2 of his farmer buddies.

Jonah showing his bravery & petting the chicken!
Every time we see the OSV chickens, Jonah tells the farmers how chickens are dangerous because his Uncle Paul got pecked by a chicken. (you have got to ask Jared to retell that story) SO here the farmer as showing Jonah how they can actually be nice. :)

Jonah got a front row seat in the horse wagon!!
Not everyone - if anyone - gets to sit up by the driver. In fact, when we were getting off, another albeit younger child asked if they could sit up there & they were told no - oops. I should probably tell Jonah not to count on that spot next time.

Jonah drilling a hole in some wood which, as soon as he had the hole going all the way through, he threw into the nearby wood fire. He just had to know that he could do it.

These twins were 2 weeks old. SO cute.

OH my Heavens, is he REALLY 7 ?!?

Grandpa & Grandma Cowden came over to help JONAH celebrate his 7th BIRTHDAY!!!
And a big THANK YOU to G'ma for the super-duper cake. It was so, so yummy. :)

Cap't Hook (AKA Merrik), Jared, Jakey (cousin), birthday boy Jonah & Alli... sittin' around the bday table.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JONAH!!! We love you, buddy!! Nothin' says "celebrate" like a Moose Cake! :) Grandma Dolores made this moose cake - at Jonah's request. A double whammy - cute AND delicious.

And we always let the boys pick a "fun" place to go on their birthdays. This year Jonah chose Chuck E. Cheese. We had fun watching the boys go crazy, dropping their tokens at a mad rate of speed, and eating our weight in pizza. What a day! :)

And M wanted nothing to do with hugging Chuck E. Cheese! But he did go crazy at the skee ball game. His favorite. And he gets a '10' on the poses.