Monday, November 8, 2010

Secret Identities on Parade!

Vampire & Darth Jonah!!

What Merrik actually was for Halloween was Mr. Indecisive. He changed his mind more than the 2 times evidenced here. But at least he had opportunities for wardrobe changes. Above, as a vampire, he went to the library trick-or-treat, as well as to our ward's (church) Trunk-or-treat. And as always, Jonah is Mr. Consistent & was always ready to run out the door as Darth Vader! He would pile his suit, gloves, cape, belt & mask in his candy bucket & carry it around - always ready to go at a moment's notice!

And for the big night going around the neighborhood, M finally chose Wolverine. But not until after his hair was done & slicked back for the vampire outift & Jared had painted his face white, did he then decide that he was NOT going out this way. So after a quick switch-a-roo & a face wash, he was changed & ready to go.

Grandpa Bill came over this year to walk around with Jared & the boys in our 'new' neighborhood. As a vampire, M would NOT let Bill even look at him! Poor Grandpa! M was hiding from him for about 10 minute before he decided that he in fact wanted to go as Wolverine. Only then did he "allow" Grandpa to see him. UGH!

And speaking of our 'new' neighborhood, we held high hopes for the outcome of this special kid's night. Imagine our disappointment when Jared & the boys only found 4 houses w/ their lights on, handing out candy. And I only had ONE measly trick-or-treater come up to the house. WHAT?!?!? Oh well. Families must venture to more populated areas for the candy. Now we know! :)

Celebrating Fall on the Publick House Lawn!

It's the characters Phineas & Ferb, from a Disney channel show. (which we no longer get - oh darn) But the boys loved these guys because "they're our size!"

Every October, there is a local restaurant (which has fabulous food, I might add) that transforms its front lawn into a fall festivities wonderland of sorts. Groups or individuals create these "scarecrow" displays for all to enjoy. Here are the boys with some favorites...

Jack Skellington, The Pumpkin King! - a character from Tim (not my brother) Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. "He's tall!"

The spooky walk...

... and no holiday is complete without a fun & silly cutout photo board ...

... and last but not least, it's Horton, from Dr. Seuss!

We visited this lawn several times this fall. It's become a fun fall-kick-off event for us to go see what's on the Publick House lawn! When the 'scarecrows' are out, we know Fall is here! And Jonah's school bus goes right past this so he let's me know when thing start showing up & when new things are added! :)

It may be 55 degrees out, but we WILL play outside!

A pause in the wrestling match for a photo opp! This is at a local playground we love to frequent.

Where there are boys ... there will be sticks!!!

"OK guys, arms down & say 'cheese!' right here in front of the water & the cool fall trees!" *click* - "OK, got it. Thanks guys! Carry on." :)

Next to the playground by the water is a skateboard park where the boys LOVE to go. If there are no other kids, they'll run up & down the ramps & pretend they're on their skateboards. OR Jonah likes to say he's also "doing his Army/superhere/policeman training" by running around & making up an obstacle course. Awesome!
AND ... if there ARE kids there using the skate park, the boys will perch themselves on one of the ramps & just watch in awe as the older boys speed around the course, flipping their skateboards, jumping ramps, etc. And every day we go here, the boys ask when they can get a skateboard. "Some day, boys ... some day."

A Gourd Hunt & The Great Pumpkin!

We ventured up to Bemis Farm in Spencer for a Gourd Hunt one recent Saturday morning.
MANY other families apparently had the same idea. The rules were that the kids could look for & gather as many as they could carry. (operative word there is "they" as in the kids -- NOT the parents!) So they stuffed their arms full. And then they got to bring them home, too! Cool.

Got to meet The Great Pumpkin. And upon further examination, Jonah declared, "That's just a teenager in a costume!". He is sharp, that Jonah! Of course, Merrik wanted nothing to do w/ Mr. Teenager in-a-Pumpkin-suit. (& for those of you who may be wondering, Jonah just got his cast off a week or 2 before this & was a little sore/easily tired -- hence the crutches) :)

And, well, the bright folks took their free gourds & left. We, on the other hand, got suckered into purchasing the above pumpkins after the boys deemed these two the "perfect ones for us!". How could we resist??