Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Triarama Takeover!

Jonah came home from school one recent Friday with this very cool triarama - a new term for me, that's for sure, but self-explanatory. I'd heard of & probably made in school a diorama. But this 3-fold design was new to me. And to Jonah. AND he fell in love. Over the course of the following weekend, he/we made four MORE triaramas!! For your reading pleasure...

This "Python" triarama was the original ... made at school.
These giraffe and alligator triaramas are part of the at-home collection.

All of Jonah's triaramas!
In this pic only the original has it's accompanying paper essay. The others have them too, except with I'm guessing less actual research than the school version. At home, Jonah would finish his triarama piece w/ 3-D animal (glued onto a zigzag paper fan-type paper to make the animal pop out of the middle of the pic) and then he would dictate to me all he knew about this animal or that animal. It was great!!

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