Wednesday, November 13, 2013


In August 2012 our dear friends the Dawsons invited us to come & spend a week w/ them at their parents' beach house in Delaware. There was lots of boat riding, beaching, swimming, late night card playing & just plain fun! (oh, and let's not forget - for me & my pregnant self - lots of naps)
 Here's we'd anchored the boat & gone adventuring on a cool sandbar!

 And one afternoon we got hit w/ a huge rain/thunderstorm so we passed the time in the garage on scooters, big wheels & - apparently - cell phones :)

Back on the boat to go check the crab pots!
Oopsie!! Watch that first step, Jared! It's a doosey! Yep, Jared took an unexpected dunk in the Atlantic while trying to get near the edge of the boat to bring up a crab pot.

Of course the boys got to drive the boat! I think this was the highlight of their week!
 Fun in the sun w/ my boys!!!
 (and yes, my pregnant self & I insisted on wearing a life vest for the sake of the wee one within)

OSV Reenactments!

August 2012 - watching the Reenactments at Old Sturbridge Village of those fighting for our freedoms long ago!
 Jonah (tall, in orange t-shirt) learning the ways of the rifle!

 Jonah & Merrik listened to these men telling stories for over 30 minutes!
 Some of the soldiers bringing their cannon back from battle.

The tree must go...

In August 2012, the town came & removed a dying tree from our yard.
We were very sad. It was a nice huge oak that lined the driveway near the road.
However, the process was fascinating for the boys to watch!
Here's a before...
 ... and after ...
 The trunk is cut all the way down now too & we've got a nice sitting stump at the end of the driveway. Makes for good fun while waiting for the school bus!


~ July 2012 ~
 No summer is complete w/out a dip in the pool!
Thanks to our friend Jameson for having us over!

OH yeah - we have a BLOG!!

Well, in the past year & a half we've been a little busy (understatement!)
& the BLOG got put on the waaaayy back burner.
I will now attempt to show some highlights of the months that were missed.
(starting w/ the pics of our lil' Princess below)
Thanks for visiting!

Memories of "Princess"

 "Princess" memories!
 So cute!!
~ July 2012 ~

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Uncle Paul is So Cool!!

... he rides a motorcycle!!
Last weekend we got to go watch "Uncle Paul" (Jared's brother) race in a motocross event. It was an endurance race on a 6-mile track, so we only got to see Paul come around a handful of times. But that was enough for the boys! They were thrilled to be able to witness Uncle Paul in all his coolness!

 Paul - in black - passes by us, heading for a big curve on lap # 2.
"All done!" Paul circles around off the track & comes to greet his fan club!

 Uncle Paul with his biggest fan ... Jonah!
Jonah really wanted to put on that helmet - but changed his mind when he saw the mud splatters all over the front & sides :)
Paul said a really cool thing, too. He thanked the boys for coming to watch him & said that whenever he'd come around the track & see the boys cheering for him, it made him want to do better & keep going (even though he was getting tired)! Awesome!