Wednesday, November 13, 2013


In August 2012 our dear friends the Dawsons invited us to come & spend a week w/ them at their parents' beach house in Delaware. There was lots of boat riding, beaching, swimming, late night card playing & just plain fun! (oh, and let's not forget - for me & my pregnant self - lots of naps)
 Here's we'd anchored the boat & gone adventuring on a cool sandbar!

 And one afternoon we got hit w/ a huge rain/thunderstorm so we passed the time in the garage on scooters, big wheels & - apparently - cell phones :)

Back on the boat to go check the crab pots!
Oopsie!! Watch that first step, Jared! It's a doosey! Yep, Jared took an unexpected dunk in the Atlantic while trying to get near the edge of the boat to bring up a crab pot.

Of course the boys got to drive the boat! I think this was the highlight of their week!
 Fun in the sun w/ my boys!!!
 (and yes, my pregnant self & I insisted on wearing a life vest for the sake of the wee one within)

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