Wednesday, August 18, 2010

California's Northern Coast!

... a panoramic view ...

AJ & Merrik looking for buried treasure at MacKerricher beach!

If they could time it just right, they could get on top of the rock before the wave surrounded it!

I love this pic! Sweet & sad at the same time. Poor Jonah, hugging his broken foot, watching the ocean while the other boys play. What a sweetie.

Hi Twin!

The 3 Amigos on one of our two trips to the Ft. Bragg coast.

Wildlife Poster banner thing. It's a beautiful walk AND an education.

Remember that one year that we went to California for the summer & Jonah broke his foot? Oh wait...

We have a photo at this exact spot, taken about 6 years ago with Jared, me & baby Jonah in the stroller. He was 4 months old. I should find that... (OK, couldn't find it. I'll have the check the archive CD's.)

Entering Willits. 'Nuff said.

The 3 Amigos - all tuckered out.

We made it!!

At the HAM breakfast. (as in, the radio, not the food!)

Visalia Candids... *click*

* Happy 4th of July!!! *

Kim was leading the kids in Simon Says.

Everyone's getting comfy for Burton Family Jeopardy!

Happy Birthday to ME! (and Rach!) Tim & Kat us each the cuteset candy posters! (yum)
And (below) Jeanie's cousin brought over the most decadent cupcakes I've ever laid lips on. Delish! (thanks again, guys!!)

Soccer with Uncle Tim (above)
and cousin Jake w/ Jonah & the Rawhide team mascot!

The Burtons take over ... THE COWBELL SECTION!

Play time is Cousin time!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"We. Are. FAMILY!!!"

Yes, somehow we all fit in one frame! I LOVE MY FAMILY!
(missing you ... Kris, Evan, Scott & Kevin!)

Alli's parents & her siblings!
(standing, Alli & Rach - the twinners! And sitting, lt to rt: Matt, Tim, Dad, Mom, Jeff & Steve!)

Rebeka, Steve (bro) & Claudia

T, Jeff (bro) & Jake

Sam, Jeanie, Molly, Laura, Matt (bro) & Jill

Rach (sis) & AJ

Jonah, Jared, Alli & Merrik

Ben, Kathryn, Tyler, Tim (bro) & Dan
(sometimes ya just gotta snap the photo & be done with it!)

Kim (niece) & Justin

We had a WONDERFUL reunion! THANK YOU MATT & JEANIE, for opening your gorgeous new home to all of us! We really, truly enjoyed ourselves and loved spending time with everyone. The Water Olympics & The Burton Family Jeopardy will go down in history! SO fun! And we loved the baseball game ("Go Rawhides!" - you can never have too much cowbell!), bowling, & who can forget those ginormous ice cream sundaes, the Fireworks! (happy bday to us), the homemade ice cream... yum! Thanks for the laughs, everyone! We love you!!!

Book 'im, Officer Matt!

Jonah is continually impressed & amazed at his uncles in uniform!
He never wants to leave their side! And Uncle Matt drives a c ool police car, too! WoW!

Getting There is Half the FUN!

Up ... up ... UP 'n away!!
Bye-bye Boston! It's California or BUST.

Good flyin' Boys! After just a real quick lesson, they're ready to go!

Killin' time at the airport. (I put the boys' in their bright school field trip shirts - easy to spy in a crowded airport!)

And ... watching the planes go UP and DOWN.