Friday, March 16, 2012

Just Because they're CUTE

I don't know. They're boys. It's what they do. And I love it :)

CARROTS. The only thing that grew well in our garden this year. Well, the corn was doing great as well, until they were knocked down by the June 1st hurricane. Darn it.

I absolutely love this picture! (if I do say so myself) I planted some sunflowers in our garden this year. And I stand corrected - those also did really well. So we were 3 for about 11 this year in the gardening department. Oh well. Anyhow, I saw Jared & Merrik playing subtly in the yard behind this towering flower & so I just had to point & shoot.

I LOVE Merrik's drawings. I'll post more photos later so you can see, but the walls of his bedroom are literally covered w/ his drawings. Jonah has started his own collection, as well. They're both such fun, creative artists. This piece is Batman & a mystery friend :) I can't remember who. This was drawn back in September.

Soccer Season Kicks Off!! (Sept '11)

Merrik's first year to play soccer - so exciting!!
"GO, Team Galaxy!!"

Jonah's 3rd year playing. He's almost ready for the pro's!
"GO, Team United!!"

Happy Birthday, Hon!! (Sept.)

Could these 3 be any more handsome???
This is one of my favorite photos of these guys. The lil' boys love to help blow out the candles, so they always perch themselves next to the birthday guest of honor.
Jared turned 35 last September - woo hoo! (he makes 35 look GOOD)
"Happy Birthday ~ I love you, Hon!!"

Sept. 2011 - First Day of School!!

Merrik (kindergarten) and Jonah (2nd Grade) - getting so big!! Yay!
(I did not intend for them to be matching. They simply picked out the same shirt!)

MAN, those are some cute kiddos!!!

Walking down the driveway to wait for the bus. It seems that every first-day-of-school is rainy. Why is that?? Of course, the boys don't seem to mind.

And off they go onto the big yellow bus!
(I think my crying session started about 18.4 seconds after this photo was taken, as I watched the bus drive away.)

Aug/Sept - End of the Summer Adventures!

Swimming at Buffumville Lake Beach with some buddies from school :)

I spent a couple of hours (while the boys patiently watched) assembling this roller coaster. I have to say, it's pretty cool! A good way to spend a rainy day.

Surviving the miles & miles in the car...

Merrik found a nice cozy perch in front of the fire pit. This is at our friend's house, the Dawson's. They have a rockin' back yard. Always great to spend a summer day at their house! And yes, they have dress-up items that even Jared can appreciate!
Like Father, Like Son!
That's all I can say about this picture!

August 2011 - Providence Children's Museum!

These are all movable magnetized pieces on a metal wall, with air blowing thru. You can rearrange them & send the foam ball (in M's hand) & watch it fly thru the clear tubes.

WATER!!! If this were the only room in this museum, the boys would've been happy! This was the coolest water room.

More magnetized movable parts! These were like cut-in-half-lengthwise tubes that needed to be arranged in a gradual down-hill sloping way. Put the ball at the top & watch gravity work!

There was an outside room w/ caves & insect-themed vests the kids could wear & "climb around thru the dirt tunnels". Here comes buggy Merrik!

... inside the cave!

This was the coolest thing! The bike Jonah & Merrik are riding is attached thru the floor to the bike the skeleton is on. As the boys pedal, it turns the pedals on the skeleton's bike so they can see how their own skeleton would be moving at the same time. I know, right?!? COOL!

This cube reflected a skull onto M's mirror image. Kinda creepy :)

... even had a very old-fashioned cash register, which Jonah loved play store with.

... steering the ship! M's a natural.

Skeleton man puzzle pieces. Jonah should be an orthopedic surgeon!

I wish we could've taken this outfit home. Jonah looks so handsome playing house.

We went to the Providence Children's Museum with our dear friends, the Campbell's. THANK YOU, ERIN, for sharing the day with us!!! We miss you guys!

August 2011 - One Last Summer Day at OSV!

Old Sturbridge Village has been on of the highlights of living in the town of Sturbridge. Honestly, I don't know what we would do without it. Before the boys were in school, we would visit there every Friday. We go there less & less now, and especially at the end of last summer, I knew both boys would be in school full-time so sadly now, our visits there are few & far between. So we took the opportunity to go one more time before the school year began.

One of the things I love about Old Sturbridge Village is that each time we go, it is a different experience. Here the boys got to participate in a tug-o-war, to represent the battle between the French & English in the 19th Century.

One of the sweet workers (below) there at OSV spent a good hour talking with the boys about all the different flowers, plants & herbs found there in one of the Village gardens. And actually, I believe this one in particular was called The Children's Garden.

One thing we learned was that the plant shown above "plays dead" much like a possum. When you touch it, the leaves lay down & point to the ground. After about 15 minutes, they spring back up. You can imagine this kept the boys attention for quite some time :)

Merrik found a cool path that goes right to the water at the Mill Pond. It was such a beautiful day!