Thursday, January 21, 2010

MeRrY ChRiStMaS & HaPpY 2010!!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Cowdens!!!
Jared, Merrik (3), Alli & Jonah (5)
We spent the morning at home, then headed to Bill & Dolores's (Jared's dad & stepmom) for a late lunch. There we rendezvoused with Jared's bro. & some step-siblings. It was a great day ... filled with lots of smiles, yummy food & good company! We are blessed!
And now I'm sad to say goodbye to my favorite holiday for another 11 months ... especially with only a New England winter to look forward to. *sigh*

New web-slinging Spidey jammies! Ka-pow!
Merrik has been asking for SpiderMan pajamas since last Christmas! Finally found some to fit both of them.

Yee Haw!! Can't go wrong at our house w/ dress up stuff! Good job, Santa!

In the wrapping paper frenzy...
Sadly, I don't remember what Jonah was opening at the time but I love his expression!

Merrik scored big with some "Bakugan" things. They're cool. Like plastic ball things that pop open & transform into robots.
Jonah insists on calling them "Pokemon" things & absolutely will NOT let me correct him.
Drives me nuts, but ... what'cha gonna do? :) I'll live.

Christmas Eve!

Around the bonfire at Jared's Aunt Pam's house. So cool!
(that's Auntie Pam w/ Merrik kind of on her lap!)
Family! Missy (cousin), Jonah, Mindy (cousin) & Auntie Pam.
Jonah (almost) thinks he is too cool for this photo!
(OK, that, or he was embarrassed for being teased about wanting to sit w/ The Girls!)
Merrik ... just ... couldn't ... hold ... out ... any ... longer!
Notice he's hugging one of the very cool walkie talkies that Auntie Pam gave the boys! So fun!

Thank You, Auntie Pam, for having us over!!!
It was great to see you & the girls! We love you guys!!

Back at home... Santa came just after the boys were laid in their beds, already sound asleep from the drive home from Brimfield. :)

Holiday Calories - Mmm, Mmm Good!

My first "Snickers Pie" - recipe from my friend Kim. AND ... delicious!!!
Topped with a white layer of cream cheesey type mixture w/ chocolate drizzled on top.
Photo below is the middle layer of sliced snickers bars on top of the fudgie layer with graham cracker crust.

I love to bake cookies for the holidays!!!
Thankfully many of these were given to neighbors & school teachers.
(And to our office & maintenance staff where we live.)

Jonah's Family Tree!

He's so proud! Jonah was given an assignment for kindergarten to make a family tree & bring it into class. He then got the opportunity to stand in front of the class & tell about his family. This is the "tree" we came up with. It was such a fun project for us. Even Merrik colored the grass!

Makes me want to take the idea one step further & make a more elaborate one.

One more thing on my to-do list! :)