Friday, September 3, 2010

Just Add Water!!

Our visit to CHICO, California!! There was this really cool fountain downtown. (right after we got some very delicious ice cream!) Oh yeah - it's definitely summer!

Jonah always wants to be buried in the sand. This time it was compliments of Alice's daughter, Kelsey & her BFF, Kelsey!
(I was thinking of these two lil' BFF's & thought - OH that's funny, they're best friends & have the same name...! Then I thought - oh wait - me & Alice ... Alli & Ali. HaHa!)

~ I love this photo w/ Jonah & the river rocks! ~

Ali, Alli & Rach - chillin' at the river!

Chico - Day 2: river bound again! Here's our crew at Alice's house - ready to hop in the car again.

Maybe you could hear my Tarzan yell from way over there! This rope swing was awesome!

And Alice backpacked Jonah in (& out) w/ his broken foot... :)

Ali, Rach & Alli going for a swim! It was SO hot & that river felt SO good!

This was at Feather River, where Rach & I realized we'd visited as kids while Dad was working in the area. Cool! :)

THANK YOU ALICE for hosting us this summer! I'm so glad my kids got to know you & your kids. We LOVED seeing you! ~ XOXO!

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