Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Aftermath

The Grinch!! Along w/ the Dr. Seuss book, from Uncle Paul & Auntie Maureen! So cute!

Christmas fleeces! Love 'em! From G'ma & G'pa Burton. :)

Ooohh ... BeyBlades. These 'fancy tops' are THE biggest craze at Jonah's school. At recess, I've seen many a group of boys hunkered down, watching their BeyBlades spin & "battle" each other. It is quite a scene. So we found a "BeyBlade Stadium" & several of the spinning tops to whirl around in it! Er ... uh ... I mean, SANTA found them!

This purchase I am already regretting. Noisy toy guns that light up. What were we thinking?!? BUT the boys love them. That is the idea, right?

Another one of M's favorites ... Lincoln Logs!! I love these, too, I have to admit. :)


Rachael said...

Hey! AJ got Lincoln Logs, too!!

Alli said...

Oh cool Rach! I love LL. In fact, there's a good chance I may love them more than Jonah does. Merrik plays w/ them a lot but Jonah does more knocking down than building. :)