Saturday, June 26, 2010

Puff the Magic Dragon! and other Kindergarten party pix!

Jonah's kindergarten class put on the play "Puff the Magic Dragon" for the end of the year bash. Jonah was part of the royalty (here, second from the right) They were SO cute to watch, singing their little hearts out!
The rest of the stage. Puff & the pirate boat. What a cute production!

After the play, we went to the classroom for refreshments. Here's Jonah with Mrs. Waddick & Mrs. Campiglio - his wonderful teachers!!
Jonah loved kindergarten! He learned SO much & found so many new friends. I cannot believe the year went by SO fast!

And Great Grammy & Great Grandpa Pooh came to see the play. YAY!! :)

Friends!! Notice - of course - that Jonah is surrounded by girls!

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