Monday, August 10, 2009

OSV - something different every time!

Merrik posing as a Sturbridge baseball player - circa 1830's.

The oxen & wagon at the Old Sturbridge Village playground.

This is actually a two-seated out-house they're sitting in! LOL.
(their bums are covering up the holes)
(and ... the sides of the photo look crooked b/c that's the white outside doorway looking into the outhouse)

These two are out of sequence but this is a "balloon" they fill w/ hot air from a burner & then let go, then it floats way up into the sky. As the hot air is released, it slowly lands and they do it all over again.

I LOVE this place. This is looking down toward the approaching stagecoach in the middle of the town green, or town common. So beautiful.
Wish we could take up residence in Old Sturbridge Village!!
We've taken rides in this stagecoach. Very cool, but very bumpy.
And the driver knows the boys by name! LOL.

Merrik is "feeding" the plastic cow. The hay he's holding is fabric. Like a pillow.

And Jonah, the storekeeper!

Jonah, always ready with the photo opp!

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